And the world’s best cat-brother award goes to…..

If Daffodil received the world’s best mother-cat award, then the world’s best brother-cat award would go to…..

Today was Bunny’s subcut day.

Last month, Bunny’s blood test showed an SDMA reading of 18 (upper boundary for “normal” is 14).  So, I was advised to give him about 200ml subcut twice a week to help the kidneys. The SDMA test is an early detection of kidney degeneration. After having gone through last stage kidney failure with Vincent (only detected at a “very last stage”), I had everyone checked. At least with early detection, we can do something to help delay the inevitable.

So, Bunny was getting ready for his subcut when….

…Cow looked up.

Bunny looked down…

Bunny, are you okay? Please be safe, Bunny. I’m here…

Bunny is okay, he was very good during today’s session.

You’re a good person, Cow.

Brothers United!

The CowBoys!!

Cow looks after his sister, Pole, as well.

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