Zurik strikes back!!

First Heidi bullied Zurik. We stopped Heidi. Zurik went as far as fluffing himself up.

Then, Ginger tried to bully him as well.

Ini sudah lebih.

Zurik strikes back now!!

It’s about time too.

On two occasions, once last night and once this morning, Zurik did a war-cry on Ginger. But Ginger is pretty clueless and does not know what danger is, so he didn’t move. I quickly carried him away before Zurik hurt him with his trademark blunt force trauma (cannot be easily detected, especially when Ginger has medium-length hair).

Zurik eats many times a day now, which is good. Our cats are fighters, they do not give up without a fight.

Remember how Vincent would eat himself silly to compensate for the protein loss?  He ate like nobody’s business because he refused to give up. I know of some cats with kidney failure who stop eating, but not Vincent. It was his extensive eating that kept him alive and reasonably well all those months.

If you stop eating, you die.

Now, Zurik is eating as frequently as possible too, without me having to prompt him. He comes to the kitchen to ask for food and I’ve prepared all the food that he needs and he likes. There’s always thawed raw chicken fillet in the fridge and his current favourite kibble are Cindy’s Salmon (grain free, 30% protein) and Indigo Moon Chicken (grain free, 42% protein). I have ample supply of these, all labelled in their respective containers so that anyone in the house can feed him. Anytime.

Vincent’s protein loss was through the kidneys, in the urine. Zurik’s protein loss is through vasculitis, from the fluids in the blood vessels to the lung cavity. It’s sad, but that’s what this dreadful disease does.

Life sucks when it comes to incurable diseases, doesn’t it?  I have read much literature on wet FIP.  The prognosis is really bad.

So we shall take it one moment at a time. Every moment is to be cherished to its fullest.

Eat, Zurik, eat!!  You can have any food you want.

Heidi wants a snack too. Ok, but you must not bully Zurik, deal?

I’m told I have grown so big, so I’m not going to eat so much…

Give me those menacing KGB eyes, Zurik ol’ boy!

By all means, use your war cries to stop Heidi and Ginger in their tracks. War cries – ok, but the blunt force trauma, okay?


Don’t push your luck, Heidi and Ginger…

Don’t. Just don’t.

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