My lightning (!) trip to Tawau (MY & YP’s registration)

Today was Ming-Yi and Yui Ping’s marriage registration in Tawau!!

I still had to work yesterday, so I took the flight to Tawau after work.  Thankfully, I had made arrangements with my friend, Cathy, to come over to feed Zurik his medicines.  The vet had advised that Zurik should not miss a dose of steroids, so Cathy so very graciously offered to come feed Zurik.  Sihui and Jia-Wen would take care of everyone’s food, of course.

I reached Tawau last night. My husband and Ming-Yi had gone on an earlier flight. This is my first trip to Sabah!

This morning was the big day.

With the bride.

With the groom.

The bride and groom!

The registration was held at the Chinese Chamber of Commerce in Tawau and it was a simple yet very elegant and dignified ceremony.  I was very impressed.


The whole family, all together.

Visiting Yui Ping’s home in Tawau.

Doraemon, their cat!!

Doraemon was a real “bundle” of cuteness!!

I had to come back on the afternoon flight as Zurik needs a check-up tomorrow and Indy’s needs his subcut tonight. So I flew back on my own and took the train back to SS18.

I reached home around 9pm and Ginger greeted me at the door!

Cathy had done a marvelous job giving Zurik his medicines.  She sent me photos too.  According to Sihui and Jia-Wen, Zurik ate a lot as well, so at least I did not have to worry.

A fight almost broke out between Ginger and Zurik. Again, you two?

I gave Zurik his raw meat, fed him his medicines for the night, did Indy’s subcut (the Cow Clan was so well-behaved, according to Cathy), and yes, it’s great to be home!!

But the trip to Tawau, although short, was a most enjoyable and meaningful one too!!  We had local cuisine and enjoy the warmth and friendliness of the Tawau folks. I’m so glad I was able to go. Wouldn’t have missed it for the world!

Thank you very much, Cathy, for standing in to look after Zurik.

This a view from our hotel room.

Tawau is located to the very east of Sabah. From our hotel room, we could already see Indonesia! We could also see a mosque and a church, almost side by side – a very wholesome sight in Malaysia!

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