Guess how much fluids was sucked out today?

We just came back from the vet’s after Zurik’s check-up. It has been ten days after his last lung cavity aspiration of fluids.

During the first round of aspiration, we extracted 125ml (don’t know how much it had taken to accumulate to that much). The second was 40ml after 4 days, the third was 90ml after 7 days (an increase, on the average).

Today was the fourth aspiration and it has been after TEN days.

How much did we get today?

Get ready……

Drum rollllllllll………………………


Yes, only 40ml after TEN days!!!!!!!!!!!!

But wait….before we roll out the barrel, I’m told not to celebrate yet. Not yet. And why so?

Well, here’s why….

From the ultrasound, it looked like the amount was slightly more than the last time (just ever so slightly – but remember, it’s been ten days, so isn’t that expected?), but when aspirated, we only managed to get 40ml because the lung expanded, and the process had to be stopped immediately or there would have been a risk of puncturing the lungs.

However, the fluids were blood tinged, so the vet had the fluids spun to check. It turned out that there was nothing of significance as the blood only had red blood cells and neutrophils in it. Nothing alarming. It was probably because the vet had to poke the needle several times into different places to be able to get the fluids out today. That could have caused the fluids to be blood-tinged. Nothing to worry about. No tumour cells, bacteria or anything of the sort.

After spinning, the extracted fluids was still as yellow as the last time and measured a protein level of 6.5ml on the refractometer. The same as before.

A bit of good news too, on the left side, during the last time, there was fluids and the vet thought it would have accumulated enough this time to be sucked out.  But guess what?  Now, this deserves a drum roll……

There was NO fluids in the left lung cavity today!!!!!

NONE.  Zilch. Takde!

Where did the left side’s fluids go, I asked.  The vet said sometimes it is reabsorbed by the body. I didn’t know that could happen, but I hope that’s good!

The careful verdict for today: It’s quite the same as before. True, we should not get our hopes up too high, I know.

But, no deterioration is GOOD, isn’t it?  Yes, it is!

There is still some loss of muscle mass (protein loss) which is also to be expected, but Zurik has gained some weight. He weighed 4.275kg today, at the clinic scale. A small increase, but still an increase, nevertheless.

No deterioration is GOOD.

The prescription is to continue with all the medicines (they seem to be working well!):

2.5mg steroids (Prednisolone), twice daily (it’s still an antiflammatory dose)
0.8ml RetroMAD1, three times a day

His supplements are:

0.5ml Vetri DMG, once a day – as an immune booster
B Complex, once a day – an appetite stimulant and a “sunshine vitamin”
Fish oil, once a day – anti-inflammatory and lots of other good stuff

And eat high protein-food, of course. Plus to monitor his breathing, which I have been doing on a daily basis.

The next check-up can be after ten days again, unless his breathing is laboured.

It’s been 22 days since Zurik was diagnosed with suspected FIP (nothing else fits the differentials at this point so it is still FIP).  But before this, I noticed a weight loss since January this year.

Every day is a bonus for any FIP patient.

I am grateful for every moment that Zurik is happy, healthy, eating and naughty!!

We are home now!!

We are thankful for a vet who takes such a keen interest in helping Zurik achieve a good quality of life.

As I’ve always said, nobody gets out alive from life. But while we are here, everyone deserves a good life and be as healthy and as happy as we can be!  I salute everyone in the health and medical profession and also those in the caregiving profession for making this possible.

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