Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Mantin (Derek Hoo Ngai Lik’s)

We have provided an aid of RM200 for the neutering of these 2 dogs.

Derek has also provided photos of the previous 3 dogs he claimed from us (please see below).

Dear Dr. Chan,

These dogs were rescued from near a shoplot area. I’ve been feeding it on alternate weeks for about a year before taking them to the vet. After neutering, I plan to release back to the same place I found them since the environment seems safe and doesnt have any presence of other people in the area. I am working on my own. Thank you.
Is there anyone looking after these dogs, if you only feed them on alternate weeks?
Yes, there will be someone who will be helping me to regularly check on the dogs. At the same time, I’ve left an auto feeder that I made myself filled with dog kibbles that are enough to feed for over a week.
Photos and updates of the previous 2 dogs:
The status of the 3 dogs are as follows:
1. The white one is being taken care of at a plantation in Muar within a fenced area.
2. The black one was adopted by someone who is keeping her at a factory in the Subang area.
3. The brown one was intially adopted however returned to me a month later and is now currently at my house.
Apologies on the naming part. I may have overlooked it. Their names are as follows:
1. Isaiah Arwin Reubon
2. Sean Chew Yu
Furthermore, my current request for aid for the aforementioned dogs are of my own. I’m working on my own in regards to feeding the dogs and neutering. I hope you can understand and approve my request. Thank you.

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