Bunny’s subcut and the new “Stay In Chicken” from Solid Gold

Today is Bunny’s subcut day.

This morning, I noticed he was straining a bit to defecate, so I gave him 2ml of Lactulose.

Hence, I decided to give him 200ml of fluids in the subcut since the function of Lactulose is to absorb water into the intestines to facilitate defecation. Good to replenish the “lost’ fluids.

Bunny’s twice-weekly subcut is for a two reasons: (1) Constipation; (2) his SDMA reading of 18 and creatinine level of 199 (in April 2019).

Bunny is relaxed during subcut now, but not Indy. Indy is still tense and he stands up. Bunny is so relaxed that I could take this video!

Therapy Tabs came to help. We should give Tabs an honorary nurse’s accreditation!

I also bought Solid Gold’s “Let’s Stay In” indoor cat kibble. It comes in two flavours – Chicken and Salmon (both contain turkey meal in it too). This morning, I opened the Chicken flavour for Bunny.

The Stay In flavour contains 36% protein, 16% fat and 8% fiber, as opposed to their world renowned Indigo Moon flavour that contains 42% protein, 20% fat and only 3% fiber. I bought the Indigo Moon for Zurik as he needs high protein. And I bought the Stay In mostly for Bunny as he needs high fiber.

The verdict: They all loved it!

Indy now knows that he has to eat all his kibble with water (literally floating on water). He’s okay with it. He would even ASK for the water to be poured in!

The rest, I am still training by serving them kibble in a wet bowl. Slowly does it…

We sell Solid Gold as part of our fundraising merchandise, so if you’d like to order, please see this: https://myanimalcare.org/gifts/