Neutering aid for 4 cats in Subang Jaya (Nik Masturi bt Nik Mohd Salleh’s)

We have provided an aid of RM240 for the neutering of these 4 cats.

This is a special provision (project-based) made for Puan Nik as she wanted to transport all these cats back to her kampung out of state.  We have already helped her with 5 cats prior to this.  She has 5 more kittens to be neutered later back in her kampung.

Under our current project-based application, special provisions can be made depending on fund availability and approval by our Exco.

These are the cats, they all look alike as they come from the same litter.

Dr Chan, saya, Nik Masturi Nik Mohd Salleh ingin memohon subsidi neuter untuk kucing saya seperti yang direkomendasikan oleh Mary Yap. Saya mempunyai 9 ekor kucing untuk dineuterkan dan saya telah neuter 5 ekor kucing, 4 betina (damia,danisha, oyeng dan juliet) dan seekor jantan (dory) pada bulan mac yang lalu (5 kucing ini di bawah AnimalCare). 4 ekor kucing lagi (dara, damia, dotty dan daisy) baru saya neuter pada isnin yang lepas. Semua kucing ini saya akan bawa balik ke kampung di Kelantan.


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