Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise

Another case this morning.

It must be the season.

I had another unpleasant encounter with an old applicant. She sent me voicemails asking if she could get another dog neutered and claim from us. So I replied saying we have new requirements now. I dug out her record and she has since claimed for 25 dogs under us. So I told her we needed updates and photos of these 25 dogs because we need to know if they are being looked after. I gave her 24 hours to send me photos of the ones she is still feeding and to please let me have the updates – how many rehomed, how many returned to colony, etc.

Her reaction was one of shock and she blurted out that she was actually “helping” friends to claim. To this, I immediately replied that a “no third party claims” clause is in our policies so why did she “help” friends to claim??

It’s in three languages on our policy page. She said she did not know about this policy. But the policy page is sent to every single applicant, every single time.

I know, people don’t read. It’s actually not our fault if people don’t read, but it seems we have to bear the brunt of it all, don’t we?

Then, she started giving all kinds of  “explanations” and as I’ve always said, it’s best to just come out in the open and tell me the truth. A lie begets another lie and in no time, it doesn’t match up.

And they do not apologise their their mistakes. “Sorry” is not in their vocabulary.  I do understand 对不起 (that’s duìbùqi, “sorry” in Chinese) – does it kill you to say these three words?  Does it kill you to practise a wee bit of courtesy?

“Minta maaf”, “Duìbùqi” and “Sorry” goes a long way, but it’s like the hardest words to say, isn’t it? Human ego!

I was still trying to help her, so I said for starters, please give me the full names of all those whom you’ve “helped” so that their names can be published for accountability. She confirmed that these people footed the bill and that she merely “helped” them to claim. An agent?

She still refused to give me their names and proceeded with more “explanations”.

No, we don’t need agents. We don’t entertain agents.  In the past we’ve had an “agent” who built a cottage industry from claims so much so that she had a whole industry going for herself. It was a shocking enterprise (she has since been banned for life).

Back to this woman, it got to a point where I reminded her that she had violated our policies and that constitutes dishonesty. This clearly offended her. So she said in a huff, “In that case, bye bye!”


Thank you, madam!  And goodbye to you too!!

But after awhile, the text messages came pouring in again.

Oh dear…..I thought you’d already said “bye bye” to me??  No?


You know what, I made a huge mistake last time when I let all these non-BM- and non-English speaking people use voicemail to apply for our aid. I should never have done that.

This is a fund for Malaysian animals and 99.9% of the time, it is Malaysians who are applying. Malaysians must know how to speak and write Bahasa Malaysia.  I should never have allowed the use of voicemail or written Chinese. This is not China or Taiwan.

I would Google Translate what they write and send them replies. Some don’t even speak Cantonese and insist on Hokkien or Mandarin, which I can barely understand.

And please don’t use the “You are Chinese but you don’t speak or read Chinese??” tagline on me. It won’t work because I am Malaysian first, not Chinese.

YOU want to apply for our aid, YOU speak in our two languages – English or Bahasa Malaysia.

Maybe I should go back to that, especially with these highly entitled Chinese-speaking people who (1) refuse to read (it’s in Chinese, for heaven’s sake); (2) refuse to follow policies; (3) think the whole world owes them.

Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise that we have decided to ask for photos and updates of previous animals. It would help us distinguish the CNRMers from the TNRers.  A little bit of unpleasant exchange, but after that, it’s “bye bye” forever!

And, “cakap atau tulis dalam Bahasa Malaysia”! This is not China or Taiwan.

The genuine CNRMers have absolutely NO problems in giving me photos updates of all the previous animals. They provide this in less than 24 hours!  Some even come with full write-up for every single animal.

“For every one nasty applicant, there are ten nice ones waiting in line.”

Welcome onboard, nice people!

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