The bullying continues

It’s becoming a culture??

It started with Heidi bullying poor Zurik. Then, Ginger bullied him.

Poor Zurik….  It’s really bad to hit a person when he’s down, right?

So, who bullied who today?

Zurik bullied Heidi AND Tabs!

Yes, Zurik was the perpetrator this time.

But to be totally fair, I didn’t see it start.  I just heard loud repeated shrieking and by the time I rushed out of Bunny’s Room, I saw fur flying, Heidi was on the alert waiting to run for cover, Tabs was running away and Zurik was standing his ground, looking angry.

It could have been Heidi smacking Zurik, then Zurik retaliated (enough is enough, woman!) and this frightened Tabs who then ran?  Yes, this is a possible scenario too.

But I do know that Ginger and Zurik’s issue is still ongoing.  Even while I was away in Tawau, Cathy said during one of her trips, she saw Zurik being defensive and Ginger was out on the patio, hissing. From what she saw, something had just happened before she came.

The Royal Guards (the black-and-white regiment consisting of Cow & Indy) were IMMEDIATELY at the grille to offer protection for their old friend, Tabs.

They were shortly joined by Bunny who either wanted to help or he was just asking Jia-Wen to let him out for his daily trips to the patio.

We are defenders of the weak. Please let us out to do our job. We shall protect Tabs.

Sobs…I was bullied. Sobs…

It was between Heidi and Zurik, but I was the pelanduk di tengah-tengah…sobs. 

Heidi went into her latest bomb shelter and is safe. Nobody can go in to attack her. That’s cat rules, which all cats obey. Better than humans, ya?

The perpetrator of today – Mr Z.
He gets his inspiration from Loki, brother of Thor, adopted son of Odin.

Stepping into my territory, you orange fluff?  

Eating his raw meat – fuel for the day.

You’d better steer clear of Zurik, Ginger. You’re no match for him.

The Empire strikes back!

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