Indy’s subcut

It seemed like Indy knows it’s his subcut day today!

He escaped from Bunny’s Room by slipping past me when I opened the grille. He then made a dash to see Zurik who was sitting on the armchair, then another dash (yes, Indy only moves in dashes!) around the sofa followed by a lightning dash upstairs!

Haha….good boy, Indy! That’s just where you have to be – for your subcut.

He stopped right outside the door to Ming-Yi’s room (which is the subcut room), so I scooped him up and took him inside.

Indy is still not completely relaxed yet, but he’s much better than before. He likes to tuck his head into me – it’s really cute!

Subcut for Indy goes slower than for Bunny. I think it’s because Indy is all muscle? What helps is that I squeeze the bottle to quicken the process.  I’ve since mastered the art of holding the needle in place plus the cat (Indy) in place with one arm so that I can use my other hand to squeeze the bottle. Yes, it can all be done with just two hands…haha.

Of course the pink needle helps so much! It’s so much faster. I will not use the green needle ever again for adult cats.

We are almost done, Indy.

There’s a small bulge on his back but it goes down very fast.

Pole wants a snack.

Snack away, folks!!

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