Mum’s birthday at Little Wonders Cafe, SS18/6

Today is my mum’s 86th birthday!

We had dinner at our favourite little cafe, Little Wonders at SS18/6, Subang Jaya.

This is the specially ordered vegetarian creation – it’s not on the menu.

The gravy is mild but very pleasant and it makes you feel “healthy” eating it!!

This is the vegetarian spaghetti.

The sea bass for the pescetarian. Jia-Wen has challenged his father to a one-month pescetarian diet! No poultry, only fish is allowed. It was supposed to be vegetarian but we decided to give him some leeway.

I brought the lotus paste dumplings from home, but the piece of freshly carrot cake, the mandarins and strawberries are compliments of the two chefs! How very, very kind of them!!  Thank you so much.

Happy Birthday, Mummy!!
May you have many healthy and happy years ahead!

I only requested the chef to warm up the dumplings, and this came for my mum – what a lovely surprise!!

Dig in, kids!!

Little Wonders offers meat and meatfree options, and the warmest and friendliest service with a personal touch and commitment to excellence!

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