The CowBoys at the Cow Farm

Look at these photos!

A million ringgit if anyone can guess accurately what Cow is saying to Bunny!

We shall meditate for world peace….

The human is playing with his phone, but the cats….aha, they are meditating for world peace. Cats have a higher calling. A duty to planet earth.

Bunny is in deep meditation.

Cow and Bunny are the CowBoys.

But Cleo Patra is still the queen. She rules.

This is the Cow Farm. Indy is an associate member. After all, he is a Royal Guard. Cow and Indy are in the Royal Guard Battalion.

Can I be a CowBoy too?  Please? 

Aww…since you said “please”, yes, please come in…

Hello!!  I would like to be a CowBoy, please? 


You’re not very smart, Ginger. You shouldn’t come in here…

True enough, Bunny smelled him out and charged at him. I quickly scooped him up and out of the room for his own safety.

Bunny: Come back and fight!!!

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