A return to their African vegan roots

“More Africans are going back to being vegan, not becoming vegan,” says chef Nicola Kagoro from the culinary movement African Vegan on a Budget.

The story: https://qz.com/africa/1611946/vegan-restaurants-chefs-and-lifestyle-on-rise-in-south-africa/?fbclid=IwAR0zw01OE_uIlbvFqg3raKWMf3Xdo6_fD887t7nA0kddFyIvWRSHwRsg8w4

Nicola Kagoro says, “South Africa is one of the leading vegan trendsetters in Africa”: Whether it’s burgers, shiro wat, or pap and chakalaka, South Africans are returning to their vegan roots and leading the trend with plant-based comfort food.

Eat less meat to save the animals and the planet. And ourselves.

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