Indy drinks from the tap again!! And Cleo’s complaint…

After what seems a VERY long time, this morning, Indy drank from the tap again!!

In a kind of “twisted” way…haha.

This window sill is MINE.  All mine!!

Er, Cleo, your issue is kind of not so relevant to Indy’s drinking post, so…..

Cleo: I don’t care. My bench has been taken by the CowBoys and it’s not fair. They are not even paying rental for it. I want the whole world to know this. It’s not fair. Don’t you think my complaint is far more important than Indy’s drinking news??  

Don’t anybody try to take over my apartment as well! You are welcome to RENT but not take over possession illegally. 

Cleo: I own this. This is all mine. Mine!! You want to use, pay up!


Food, please? 

Bunny vomited twice again this morning. I have the Omeprazole granules on standby so I gave that to him. He always has this problem every once in a while. The trick is to identify which type of food makes him vomit, don’t give him that, let the stomach rest and he should be okay in a few days or even within one day.

Cleo: Hey, hey, hey….enough about drinking water and vomiting stories, what about MY issue of illegal possession of property??  Possession is nine-tenths of the law, so I heard. Jangan cakap tak serupa bikin….