Neutering aid for 1 cat in Kota Kemuning (Po Ye Koon’s)

We have provided an aid of RM60 for the neutering of this cat.

Mr Po is a new applicant. We have encourage him to practise CNRM by looking after this cat for life.  The cat has been returned to his colony.

Dear Dr Chan,

This male cat was rescued in Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam. I found the cat was randomly appear every few days on the street behind my current office and I always feed him when he appear. He was the only male cat with 2 to 3 female cats there so I decided to neuter him first. I finally managed to catch him last week Monday when he appear with wounds around right ear as per one of photo attached then send him to treatment, grooming and neuter all together. Now he is staying in my house temporary for wound recovery and I will try to find people adopt him. If nobody adopt him when his wound recovered then I will release him to shops that nearby my house with many malay restaurants and stalls rather than the street behind my office which is factory area and driving distance from restaurants. I will continue to feed if I meet him again daily but I think he will be well-feed nearby there. Please let me know if it can be accepted for aid then i can post the completed form and original receipt. Thank you.


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