The CowBoys’ trip out to the patio

Whenever Jia-Wen is around, Bunny gets trips out to the patio. Bunny knows he has this privilege and will ask for it.

This morning, Cow Mau was granted the privilege too!

The CowBoys out for a trip!

Jia-Wen ensured Ginger was safe in the cage and he even put a chair to block the door so that Ginger won’t come out. However, I reminded Jia-Wen to take away the chair later. Otherwise, Ginger will be “trapped” again. He…er, does not know how to get out even if the door is only partially closed (remember that day?).

Heidi is not afraid of anything or anyone…..EXCEPT Bunny. She is terrified of Bunny. When she sees Bunny, it’s like what the Chinese say, “It’s like seeing a ghost!”.  She will run off to safety and hide. So, Heidi ran up the stairs where she knows she will be safe….unless Bunny manages to sniff her out, which is not likely.

Bunny also knows he can bully Heidi and I think he thrives on bullying her.

Oh well….cats will be cats.

This paw position is what Jia-Wen calls “the bear trap”. I know, it is what evil hunters use to trap bears on their paws, but that is exactly how Heidi’s “bear trap” works. Even when asleep, her paws are always in position to claw in on whoever may disturb her. And once she claws – there is no escape. None whatsoever. Be prepare to nurse your injuries and wounds after that.

Zurik went up on the side table for safety.

Tabs is safe in the kitchen, but then again, Tabs is safe anywhere in the house. She has diplomatic immunity everywhere and is welcomed in Bunny’s Place. Dual citizenship.

Bunny loves his trips out.

“Outside water” tastes sweeter, doesn’t it?

A snooze in the sun or just rubbing on the pebbles?

Cow is on an exploration.

I love this picture. Cow looks majestic!

You are the sunshine of my life
That’s why I’ll always be around
You are the apple of my eye
Forever you’ll stay in my heart 

  • – Stevie Wonder


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