The patience of cats

Jia-Wen sent me those photos of the CowBoys’ trip out to the patio while I was at work.

When I came home after several hours….where were the cats?

Zurik is sound asleep on the side table – yes, still there.

Orange Fluff is still in the cage – safe.

Heidi is still exactly where she was – on the staircase landing, safe from Bunny.

Tabs is also exactly where she was – safe.

Well, Tabs has no fear of anyone. She has diplomatic immunity everywhere.

Little does Bunny know what he strikes fear in everyone everywhere he goes.

Cow went back earlier because he had already started growling.

Finally, Bunny was taken back to Bunny’s Room so that…

…Ginger can be free again!

Conclusion: Cats are SO patient, aren’t they?

Lao Tzu says: Nature never hurries, yet all is accomplished.

We know.

We know.

We know.

Does Indy know?







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  1. peggy

    ai ya so bad Indy ?