The big fight between Zurik and Ginger – averted!

A fight started between Zurik and Ginger today and we managed to nip it before it escalated into a full-scale fight with injuries on Ginger.

Zurik was sitting with me in the living room. Ginger wanted to join us and came face-to-face with Zurik.

Zurik gave him his infamous KGB-stare, but Ginger didn’t get it (he is a bit slow with such things – slow or stubborn, I cannot decide).

So, Zurik chased Ginger and a fight would have ensued, but husband was quick enough to chase Ginger out to the patio so that Zurik would not get to him first. Ginger went out, but Zurik gave chase. Husband closed the patio door quickly and stopped Ginger’s pursuit with a cushion cover. Zurik scratched on the cushion cover and husband described the force as strong and like a deadly blow from “internal force”.  Wow, we are talking about “dark” internal force, ala-taiji, ie. “yin force”.

Zurik is back in his element now. He is very strong again.

This is all good for Zurik, of course. But not so good for Ginger.

However, now, we don’t have to worry about Heidi and Ginger bullying Zurik anymore. It’s not going to happen….no way.  Zurik is back on track!

Ginger, it would be wise if you stayed away from Zurik. We don’t want you to get hurt.

This is Zurik’s sentry post. He is very alert to all sounds from outside.

Tabs: I’m not involved. I did not bully anyone. 

We know, Tabs. We know. You are safe.


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