The Luca Fund for FIP research

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The Luca Fund for FIP research is a special fund of the American Alumni of the University of Glasgow established in 2018 to accept tax-deductible donations for FIP research. The Luca Fund exclusively supports ethical, cruelty-free research and does not and will never fund, directly or indirectly, any research that uses laboratory cats or infects healthy cats with a deadly virus.


The EndFIP® project was created with the purpose of promoting knowledge amongst cat lovers, breeders and rescuers about Feline Coronavirus and FIP. The EndFIP® website is a place where people can come to learn the latest news on FIP prevention, treatment and most importantly progress in the goal of eradicating FCoV, the virus that causes FIP.

FIP is the most deadly of all feline diseases and right now, I am giving palliative care of a community cat afflicted with FIP. His name is Mr Zurik and he was diagnosed with FIP on 13th April 2019. The prognosis is very poor as vets normally give them only 1-2 months to live.
My aim is to give Mr Zurik a quality life for this remaining time. He is eating well and seems seems happy. Unlike humans, animals accept life as it is.
No sentient being can escape illness and death. What we can do is to make their time here as pleasant, comfortable and happy as we can.

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