The subcut of today

Indy needs 200ml subcut fluids every alternate day to bring down his creatinine before we can do his dental scaling. Bunny needs 150ml subcut twice a week to help with his occasional constipation problem as well as his SDMA reading of 18 (early warning for kidney degeneration).

Today, both needed their respective subcut.

Bunny’s was a non-issue. It went smoothly. But Bunny has this habit of spraying before the subcut is done. Even while sitting down, he can spray…sigh.

Indy is still not calm during his subcut. He still tenses up.

To quicken the process, I have to master the art of grabbing him and holding the needle with one arm and use the free hand to squeeze the bottle. I’m using the 1000ml bottles now.

Indy: Watcha lookin’ at? 

Indy struggled today and we could only do 150ml on him.  I didn’t want to poke him again for the remaining 50ml since he IS drinking a lot of water.  He must have also tensed up so much that tiny specks of blood splattered out on the floor after that. He was okay after that.

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