The war begins!! Zurik Asgard and Indy’s multiple realities (Part 2)

Zurik was sitting with me this afternoon and Ginger tried to approach….there was growling from Zurik so I had to intervene again.

I’m a mean foe. Don’t step into my boundaries…

Or else…

KNEEL before your Asgardian ruler, you pathetic earthlings…

I will watch you BURN!!!

Make me….

Rise, heroes of Earth, defenders of peace…I command thee…RISE!!

Indy Jones reporting for duty!

IronCat reporting for duty!

Bunny: I may be blind, but I strike terror into the hearts of men with my war cries!

007 is sleeping on the job again…but I am here. I’m the brains, he’s just the brawns.

Er….Pole, that’s not a superhero, but still a heroine! So, ok!

Anger will not dissipate with anger, but with love and kindness…

I felt something. It awakened, but now I need to know how to wield it.

Er, Ginger….Ant-Man???

With this line-up, do we have enough superheroes to battle with Zurik of Asgard???

Tabs: Until I know how to wield my Jedi power, this is my fiercest look!!

Time’s a wasting, we cannot wait…
Behold, Asgardian….my multiple realities!!!

Zurik: Behold, earthlings, MY other reality….

Beware my laser-like tiger claw…

And the war begins!!

Oh no!!  It has begun… Save us, somebody, please save us!!!

And….CUT!!!  That’s a wrap!!


Chill, folks! It’s just little ol’ me….

Me, cute lil’ Zurik….hehe.

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