Send in the cavalry!!

Indy’s subcut was a huge challenge today.

The last one two days ago was already difficult because he fought and tensed up until blood splattered out from the needle prick. I only managed to do 150ml in the last one.

Today, he resisted and put up a fight right from the start.

I only managed to do 100ml when he started growling, hissing and fought me off. I had to let him go.

After that, I tried again and thereafter wasted four more needles because he struggled.  Each time, he would tense up until a bit of blood splattered out.

I had to call in for help.

So, Jia-Wen came to help and surprisingly, the last 100ml went without a hitch.


You’re a bully, Indy! Not cool.

Tomorrow will be Indy’s blood test and check-up after a month of being on the alternate-day subcut and mostly renal food. His kibble meals also has a lot of water added and he is very used to it now. In fact, he will stare at me to wait for me to add in water before he eats.

Indy’s creatinine level was 238 on 11th April 2019.  Let’s hope it would have gone down now.  If not, perhaps that is his base line?

Indy is, after all, rather….strange.

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