Super-Jon’s mascot, MAC the owl, is ready!! (3)

Jon suggested that he will carry a stuffed toy on his 230km bike ride and will take photos of the toy as he stops at various towns.

I thought this was a fancy and fabulous idea so I said I’d sew a stuffed toy! I asked Jon what size would be best so that it won’t be a burden for his cycling. Jon said palm-sized would be best.

Well, I only know how to sew owls (since it’s easy!), and we will name the owl Mr Amir Chan (M.A.C to stand for “myanimalcare”, which is what we are popularly known as, because that’s our website domain name).

Tonight, I started with the sewing/creation of MAC.  It took me three hours because I made some mistakes along the way and had to unpick and resew!

I started with a drawing on paper and decided to use dark blue felt as the main colour.

My supervisor for this project is Mr Zurik.

The eyes and beak, all in felt.

I decided to use all felt to make Mac. Yes, Mac the Owl sounds more catchy than Mr Amir Chan, haha…

The feathers and pink wings. Let’s make Mac very colourful and happy!!

Orange feathers sewn on.

Eyes and beak…I changed the thread to match the colour of each part. The black iris is hand-sewn.

I decided to give it orange wings (same colour as the feathers) and a dark brown tail.

I created it as I went along!

And a strap at the back so that Jon can hold MAC while taking photos.

Last but not least, stuff Mac up and stitch up the tail bit at the bottom and…

Mac the Owl, the official mascot for Super-Jon’s 230km bike ride…is READY!!

And it’s palm-sized!

Ready to fly with Jon!!

Look, Mr Zurik!!  I made it!  It took me three hours to do, but what FUN it was!

Look, Ginger Birdy….say hello to Mac the Owl! Sama-sama keluarga burung!

Jon will ride with Mac the Owl on 24th June 2019, for 230km, to raise funds for AnimalCare!!

Our latest tally is RM2200, let’s make it more!!


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