Reading down…the countdown begins for Indy!!


Indy’s creatinine has gone down from the previous reading of 238 one month ago in April to today’s reading of 174 (within normal range). Exactly a month of alternate-day subcut.  Hydration works!!

The vet says we can now reduce his subcut to twice a week, at 200ml each time and Indy’s scaling is now scheduled for Thursday.

Indy made a lot of noise on the trip there but was quiet on the way back. At the clinic, he curled himself in a tight ball at the furthest end of the carrier with the hope that we would not be able to get him out!  We had to open up the cover to get to him.

Indy weighed 5.58kg today – he has gained weight.  Blood-taking was a breeze, the vet said he has “good veins”.

So, Thursday will be Indy’s dental scaling.  And he really needs it too.  He has bad breath and there’s mucus on his gums.

I’m back, I’m back, anything happened while I was gone? 

Come Thursday and you will have absolutely clean teeth, Indy!!

Indy will start on his antibiotics tomorrow (Metrogyl) and he will be put on drips prior to the surgery.

Hoping all will go well!

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