The bullying continues

We had some repair work done in the porch today, so the Blanket Cats were a little stressed.

Of course Heidi wasn’t the least bit affected, as usual, but Tabs was scared, so she went to hide in her bomb shelter, which is the storeroom.

Tabs: I’m scared…

Heidi tried to go in as well, and Tabs whacked her. I think Tabs didn’t mean to whack anyone. She’s just so afraid so her paw came out of the door.

But Zurik…

Zurik is back to his KGB-element again now. He schemed, strategised, planned and launched an attack on Tabs inside her storeroom and this led to a big fight.

Poor Tabs got attacked. Both ended up in the kitchen.

Heidi tried to help Tabs by coming in between the two warring cats. Actually, only Zurik was the “warring” cat. Tabs was just a victim.

Ginger: Please take note that I’m not involved. 

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