Zurik….lookin’ mean

Zurik is back to his strategising days….plotting and planning for an attack on the unsuspecting Blanket Cats who think the whole world is sunshine and blue skies.  Well, that would only be Tabs and Ginger. Heidi is street-smart, she is not easily fooled.

It’s just little ol’ me….innocent lil’ ol’ me. 

How could this innocent face be up to no good, right?  Yes, the innocent face with the Loki ears!!

See, totally innocent.

Since Heidi has the tunnel as her bomb shelter and home, Tabs wanted one too and has taken the storeroom (yes, the whole storeroom is hers).  Here she is, guarding her storeroom from anyone who dares enter.

Heidi invites everyone to play with her in the tunnel.  It’s really fun to watch!  So far, Tabs has played with her and today, Ginger had a jolly fun time playing with Heidi in the tunnel!

Seeing them play and have so much fun in it makes buying the tunnel so worth it!!  The other tunnel is upstairs.  I saw Zurik and Tabs exploring that one. Heidi has not claimed it yet.

Heidi: I’m not greedy, I only need one.

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