Fresh supply of RetroMAD1 for Zurik

Yesterday was one month after Zurik’s diagnosis of having FIP.  At present, he seems to be doing as well as he can be on the following;

  1. Prednisolone 2.5mg twice daily
  2. RetroMAD1 0.8ml thrice daily
  3. Vetri DMG 0.5ml daily
  4. B Complex
  5. Fish oil

I had to buy a new stock of RetroMAD1 today as whatever I had was finishing.  The person in charge at Biovalence was SO incredibly kind to send the new box all the way to Subang Jaya for me, in the hot sweltering sun! By motorbike, too! And in the fasting month! Terima kasih, saudara. You are so kind!

It is now sold in a box of six 15ml bottles for RM420.  Previously, it was three 30ml bottles for RM420.  It’s the same quantity but it’s been packaged into smaller bottles now to decrease the chances of contamination.

One bottle should last me approximately 6 days only.

Sometime this week, I should bring Zurik for his next check-up and see if there are fluids to be aspirated from his lung cavity again. We hope there is none, but that would be a miracle. Let’s hope there is LESS then.

Meanwhile, I am down with a horrible persistent cough.  It’s been rough!!


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