Bunny and Ginger….in Ginger’s territory

As usual, Bunny gets his trips out to the patio whenever Jia-Wen is at home.

And this morning’s trip ended like so…

Ginger was absolutely minding his own business sitting on his chair, in HIS patio. Bunny went up onto the next chair and started a war-cry on poor Ginger….

Bunny has not much respect for territorial boundaries. To him, “I rule wherever I go, I am monarch of all I survey!”.   

Run, you wimpy orange fluff!!  Run for your life….

Ginger: If I pretend I don’t see him, will he go away?  

We have not quite figured out, actually, if Ginger is really scared or he is just very stubbornly standing (or in this case, sitting) his ground. That is something we would never know. I would go for the former, that Ginger is scared, but Jia-Wen disagrees. He says Ginger is just being stubborn.

Out of my sight, you feeble orange one…


Bunny got carried back into his room.

And Ginger stays close enough (just to taunt him?).

Tabs: I’m not getting caught as the pelanduk di tengah-tengah. I’m hiding in my storeroom.

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