How much fluids was drawn today (Zurik’s updates)??



Yes, none!!

But wait…it’s STILL not time to celebrate yet.

Here’s what happened.

From the ultrasound, there was “a small amount” of fluids in Zurik’s right lung cavity today and still none in the left cavity.  However, the amount in the right was too small for the vet to draw out. We also do not want to simply do an aspiration as the procedure carries some risks of injuring the lung.

So, none of was drawn out today and this is after a total of 11 days!!

Waiting for our turn.

Here’s his records so far:

13th Apr   125ml
17th Apr     40ml after 4 days
24th Apr    90ml after 7 days
4th May     40ml after 10 days
15th May      nil   after 11 days

The vet is cautious, of course, and says it’s not considered any improvement since it’s FIP. We would just say it’s maintained.

This means, no deterioration, and that’s good enough for us!!

Every single day where there is no deterioration is a GOOD day for Zurik and us!!

Zurik weighed 4.4kg on the clinic scale today and the vet says he has gained some muscle mass!!

We’re back home.

I heard that Zurik has tried to bully Tabs twice today. Yes, our KGB-spy is back on track!

Keep your chin up, Zurik!!

Every day of no deterioration is a GOOD day!!

We will be maintaining his medicines and supplements:

  1. Prednisolone 2.5mg twice daily
  2. RetroMAD1 0.8ml thrice daily
  3. Vetri DMG 0.5mg daily
  4. B Complex
  5. Fish Oil

The vet is not keen to taper off his steroids yet as she is afraid the effusion will increase again. The function of this dosage of steroids is as an anti-inflammatory (to reduce the vasculitis which in turn reduces the amount of effusion (protein leak from the blood vessels)).

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