Indy is home (with 7 teeth extracted!)

It was an unexpected and hugely massive job!

Indy had SEVEN teeth extracted.

I reached the clinic at about 4.10pm and found Indy still asleep. The vet assistant told me it was a massive tooth extraction and many teeth were extracted.

Indy was waking up but growling, obviously in pain. Maybe even angry at what had been done to him.

The vet said that after all the scaling was done and all the tartar removed, only then did she see that many teeth already had holes through them. All this could not be seen earlier because of the large amount of tartar concealing it.  She showed me the teeth and pointed out where the roots were all blunt. This is a case of auto-immune disease where Indy’s own body’s immunity attacked his teeth. Because there is always the presence of bacteria in the mouth, the body recognises these bacteria as the “enemies” and therefore attacked the teeth, making the roots blunt resulting also in the reabsorption of the said teeth.  So, all these teeth had to be removed.

Now, Indy doesn’t have many molars left, so he would probably have to be on soft diet. But then again, judging from the massive inflammation in his gums, it must have been very painful for him to even eat all this while, especially when Indy is such a kibble king.  But as we all know, cats are such resilient creatures and so good at masking pain that they don’t show it at all. They just accept, adjust and live with it.

I don’t think Indy would want to be on soft diet after this, but let’s see how it goes.

Indy will carry on to finish his Metrogyl (antibiotics), will be on 0.2ml Tramadol twice a day (the painkiller for the inside of the ear) and an eye gel (for the eye ulcer).  With seven teeth extracted and many stitches, when the pain and numbing medicine wears off tonight, he will probably be in discomfort.

Indy had a local numbing medicine as well as painkillers given as an injection just now. All this will wear off after a few hours.

He was still groggy when we left the clinic.

We reached home and when we opened the carrier cover to let him out, he started flipping violently all over the floor until the e-collar flew out. So, we thought it would be safer to put him back into the carrier until he is more calm.

The vet intern did say that he was in a euphoric state due to the pain medicine. Indy is also a super strong cat. When inserting the IV-pod this afternoon, it had to be done twice (both paws shaven now) because the managed to pull himself out of the first one. So, he had to be poked on his other paw to insert the IV-pod again.

Then, at the clinic, after the dental surgery, it was quite a challenge changing from the clinic e-collar to our own e-collar too. Groggy or not, Indy is still super strong.

The seven extracted teeth. On closer examination, one can see that the roots are all blunt. Poor boy… He must have been living in pain all this while and we didn’t even know. Last year, he had a mouth ulcer problem attended to by another vet but there was no mention of the need of dental surgery.

It’s an auto-immune condition. Something like Vincent’s too.

Cow visits.


Pole visits too.

Accompanied by fellow brother-Royal Guard.

We will probably transfer Indy from the carrier to the cage in a little while. I hope he won’t flip again.

It’s going to be a long night….

But I’m glad it’s finally done!

After Indy’s, no other cat needs any dental scaling….for now.

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