Indy’s dental scaling is today

Today is Indy’s dental scaling. I’ve been giving him his antibiotics, Metrogyl (as a prophylaxis) since five days ago.

It will be done this afternoon. I hope all goes well.

Among all of them who needed dental scaling (Cow, Bunny, Ginger and Indy), I think Indy’s oral hygiene was the worst of all. Cow only had two a visibly rotten teeth and some tartar (extracted two teeth), Ginger had one rotten teeth and gingivitis (extracted two teeth too) and Bunny had one rotten teeth and a bit of tartar (extracted two teeth).

Indy has gingivitis, his gums are swollen and there’s pus on his gums as well. It’s been going on for sometime now so this dental scaling is quite overdue.  We had to do him last because his creatinine reading was high and we had to get it down.

In July 2018, Indy had a case of bad and painful mouth ulcers. Antiobiotics took care of that. In March this year, in his blood profile, his creatinine was at 216 and it went up to 238 on 11th April (not a significant but still high). So we started alternate-day subcut (200ml) on him and on 11th May (just after 1 month), his creatinine reading went down to 174. Hence, we can do the scaling now.

Indy had his breakfast at 6am today. There would give us about 7 hours of fasting before his dental scaling.

I hope everything will go as easily as it did for Ginger (woke up at the clinic as though nothing had happened, came home happily, ate and played as per normal, ie. “What happened?  Why are you all fussing over me?”)

Updates will be tonight.

Thank you in advance, for rooting for Indy!

2 comments to Indy’s dental scaling is today

  • Yong Pui Fun

    I am thinking of bringing my cats for scaling too but they are old.
    15 going on 16 years and am a bit worried of the anaesthetic effects
    On them. How long are the cats under to have a dental scaling done?

    • chankahyein

      It could be 45mins to an hour. I worry about the general anaesthesia too, esp when elderly. I saw a difference between Ginger (8 yo) and Bunny (13 yo). Ginger recovered almost immediately and was back to his normal self. Bunny had to be put on the heating pad as he got hypothermic, and he took all of 6 days to fully recover. However, Cow (also 13 yo) was fine. So I guess it’s all about the cat’s physical health.