Indy’s flips, somersaults and…..he’s back!!

Between my last post and now, Indy has….

  1. Taken off the string of his e-collar while inside the cage.
  2. Done a somersault in the garden (when I let him out to walk) and the entire e-collar came flying off into the air (I had fastened it tightly just before that).
  3. Toppled every single water bowl I put in his cage.
  4. Attempted to escape from the cage many times.

But all his attempts at (4) were unsuccessful.

I took the time and opportunity to finish sewing a blanket for Hari Raya. It was good because from my sewing machine I could keep a watchful eye on Indy in the cage.

It was at about 8pm that he was no longer groggy anymore, so I gave him some Ciao treat (liquid food) and he ate some.

But Indy was clearly more interested in escaping from the cage than eating.

Later, he heard the Cow Clan eating kibble and he seemed interested, so I gave him some, but again it was a ruse. He tricked me. He actually just wanted to get out of the cage. But in between trying to trick me, he actually placated me and ate some kibble. The vet had said that he may have to eat soft food from now on and kibble may have to be soaked.

But Indy ate dry kibble just now.

Pain? What pain? Seven teeth extracted and at least seven stitches?? Where?  Who? Me? Let me out, let me out! Why are you keeping me here against my will? 

He cannot even sit still enough for me to take a clear photo.

Yes, Indy Jones is back….at full force!!

With 7 teeth fewer, but BACK, nonetheless!!

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