Indy’s moonwalk

I decided to let Indy out of the cage and see if he’d do his back flip and somersault again. If he behaves, he can be out of the cage. I know you just cannot confine Indy for too long especially when he is no longer groggy.

So, I let him out…

He didn’t do the back flip or the somersault. Instead, he did a few moonwalks (walking backwards). I know, cats always do this trick to get out of the e-collar, but his attempts were unsuccessful. I was eating frozen yoghurt so I didn’t manage to take videos of his moonwalk!

Here’s a short one, though.

He was too busy exploring to notice that Ginger was sitting right there.

It was nonstop for Indy. He’s totally awake.

I also forgot to mention that when I went to pick Indy up, his IV-pod had shifted to his back leg. How that happened, I didn’t ask, but the vet did mention that he is “very strong”. During the insertion of the IV-pod, he managed to jerk out of the first paw, so it had to be redone on the second paw (hence, from photo above, both front paws are shaven). But after the procedure, the IV-pod was in his back leg already. Never mind why….haha.  It’s Indy – that should explain “why”!  I was too overwhelmed with the “7 teeth extraction” to ask about anything else.

I offered AD and he ATE!  Lots of it too! Makan, makan!!

Now, he’s back at Bunny’s Place.

And exploring all over, like he is making up for lost time!