Of course Zurik isn’t left out…

In the midst of taking care of Indy after his heavyweight 7-teeth extraction today, I ensured Zurik was not left out at all.

In fact, Zurik was really good today. I think he did not bully anyone (that’s already very good). I made sure he was fed all his medicines too.  He even helped me sew the blanket….by supervising.

Zurik gets to eat WHENEVER he wants and it’s always a high protein diet. I make sure he has a few meals of raw meat every day. Unfortunately, Zurik doesn’t like Cubgrub. He wants to eat raw chicken fillet, so I stock this up for him.  At other times, he eats kibble. I have Cindy’s and Solid Gold for him. His favourite is still Cindy’s Salmon Recipe although Solid Gold’s Indigo Moon is a tough fight as well.  Both are high protein foods.

Of course Tabs isn’t left out too. She’s been really good as well.

Heidi steered clear of Indy all day. She made sure she stayed in her longhouse.

Brother Bunny…and his brother.

Back on Royal Guard duty.

I’m wondering if I should keep an eye on Indy all night.

I shudder to think what mischief he could be up to tonight…

Our guy is as tough as nails, isn’t he?

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