Indy’s updates

Indy was feeling a little low today. In fact, he started feeling a little “not his usual robust and Super-Indy” self last night.

I guess after the initial euphoria and numbness of the extraction sites wore out, pain would have set in and it is totally understandable that one wouldn’t feel so good.

If I had seven teeth extracted, I wouldn’t be feeling on top of the world too.

So, it took some coaxing to get Indy to eat today. He didn’t care much for AD or any “sticky” food. Actually, he preferred good clean kibble. I added water, as usual.

With a bit of coaxing, he ate all his meals.

Accompanied by his brothers and sisters!

Actually I was worried about Indy’s scaling and extractions too.  He has been known to have all kinds of unexplained health issues in the past. When he got sick, doctors would be baffled and even with blood tests and scans, you could not pinpoint exactly what was wrong with him. I remember once the doctor tried to insert an IV-pod into him and he reacted violently by throwing some sort of fit at the clinic. Then, he had a strange reaction to oral Baytril too, which resulted in being hospitalised and finally, he could only be given injectable Baytril (I had to send him twice a day to the clinic for his injections).

So, I was very relieved when Indy’s scaling and extractions went smoothly this time with only very minor issues.

Hope he will continue feeling better as the days go by.

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