Lanky comes a-visiting…again

Ever since Vincent’s passing, Lanky has been trying very hard to join our inside colony.  He has been coming to the porch every now and then, and also visiting Bunny’s Place from the ledge at the back.

Then, ever since Zurik came to live indoors (since he was diagnosed with FIP), Buddy stopped coming so, that freed up even more “space” for Lanky – front AND back!

Every time Lanky visits Bunny’s Place, Cleo would be on hand for a fiery war-cry battle.

This morning was another one such case.

We heard a war-cry…

There’s Lanky…and there’s Cleo.

Lanky, we have no vacancy here. Sorry…

Cleo ensures the lanky one goes out of her sight.

Bunny knows he doesn’t have to fight any battle.

Pole just “helps” by looking in the correct direction.

Cow knows Bunny’s Place is in good hands…

…under the Queen.

Indy says he is still on medical leave. 7 teeth…so 7 days it is.

It still took some coaxing to make Indy eat. He is still on Tramadol (the pain medicine) and his antibiotics. He doesn’t paw his mouth (which is good) and he can eat…with some persuasion.  He wants to be handfed, not force-fed, just fed by hand. A little pampering goes a long way, of course.


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