Indy is STILL on medical leave

Indy is still not back to his usual self yet.

He spent practically all of yesterday lying on the cushions on Cleo’s bench and Cow accompanied him last night.

Today again, he was on the cushions most of the time.

I handfed him AD whenever he had to take his medicine. At other times, he expressed interest in food and joined everyone else for their meals, but he wasn’t back to his old eating habit yet.

He doesn’t seem to like his “old favourite” kibble anymore (I’ve tried RC Renal, Cindy’s Salmon, Solid Gold’s Indigo Moon). If served with water, he would just lick the water and eat a few pellets.

Finally, I discovered what he liked – RC Renal wetfood (the wet pellets). He ate that tonight. Maybe he just wants wetfood, but not the pasty type like AD. Maybe he wants pellets.

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