Ongoing wars involving Zurik

There were a few wars in the house today.

They all involved Mr Zurik.

One would think that Mr Zurik was the perpetrator, but I think it wasn’t Mr Zurik….

It started with Zurik, Heidi and a lot of fur flying. It was accompanied by screams as well. I found Zurik and Heidi in a standoff.

Next, Zurik chased poor Tabs. Of course in this one, there was no doubt at all that Tabs was the victim.

And after this, another round between Zurik and Heidi.

And it ended with Zurik chasing Ginger until the orange one had to seek shelter under the vegetable pots in the patio. Ginger didn’t even dare come out for food after that. I had to put a towel over Zurik and cover his face to prevent him from going after Ginger.

So, we all thought Zurik was the perpetrator and he was told off.

But later, I caught Heidi smacking Zurik. Was that just a retaliation or an instigation?

Not that I’m taking Zurik’s side, but Heidi is also known to be quite the bully.

My gut feeling tells me that Heidi started all the wars today.

Zurik: It wasn’t me…sobs…I’m good. I’ve been a good boy. It wasn’t me. 

I know you’ve been good, Zurik.

It was Heidi.

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