Indy is back to 99.9%

The night right after Indy’s 7-teeth extraction, he reacted as though he was “back to normal”, eating kibble and everything, but it actually wasn’t so. Maybe, he was still in a state of euphoria at the time.

The next day, after all the numbing had dissipated, Indy was not his usual self. This went on for quite a few days. Although he was on Tramadol, the transdermal painkiller (cream), he was still not back to his normal self, and understandably so, as a 7-teeth extraction is no joke, even for us humans. Not only would there be the post-surgery pain, one still had to get used to having 7 teeth fewer in one’s mouth. It would definitely affect one’s ability to eat. A period of adjustment would be needed.

Today, it’s already one week, and thankfully, I think Indy is back to 99.9%. He finished his Tramadol last night.

I have been handfeeding him daily; not force-feeding, but handfeeding. He wants me to feed him by hand. It’s been rather tricky knowing which type of food he wants. As you know, he is THE kibble king, but since his extraction, he wasn’t as crazy about kibble anymore (which might just be a good thing!). I do know, however, that even without teeth, cats normally have no problems crushing kibble with their gums. Heidi does it all the time.

Just now, Indy ate wetfood (Cindy’s Tender Chicken) all by himself. A whole bowl of it, too!

I was very surprised that he ate shredded chicken. I would think it might irritate his gums, but seemingly – no, it did not. This is all very good. I also did not expect Indy to finish the whole bowl, but he did!

We are back to 99.9% now!!


Now, Cow, Bunny, Ginger and Indy have the cleanest teeth and freshest breath!!

I plan to maintain everyone’s dental hygiene with Orozyme and Greenies.

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