Indy’s fine (7 days after the extraction)

I took Indy along for a check-up today, with Zurik.

Last night Indy started eating quite a lot of canned food, which was all good, but this morning, he jumped up onto the ledge (Cleo’s observation ledge where she does all her battles with intruders) and refused to come down for breakfast.

He was up there for almost an hour. Even spraying him with the water spray did not manage to get him down. So, he skipped breakfast entirely.

I was concerned about this and I also wanted his eye ulcer to be checked, so Indy came along or the car ride to the vet’s.

The vet checked all his extraction sites and all is well. The surgical sites have healed but the sutures will take one month to be reabsorbed, so Indy is probably still getting used to the sutures. This is evidenced by the occasional grimaces, which he also did at the clinic.

An ear-prick blood check was done and everything is normal. His temperature is also normal. But his ears were dirty, so both ears were cleaned. Palpitation was done on his organs too, and all is normal. No constipation too.

Indy’s eye ulcer has also healed.

So, in a nutshell, all is well with Indy. He just needs to get used to the sutures.

Indy was given Tramadol (half dose, only 0.1ml twice a day) for a few more days and Mirtazapine as an appetite stimulant (it is a cream to be applied once in 3 days, inside the ear). The vet suggested that fish oil would be good as an anti-inflammatory.

We came home and he ate canned food and kibble. I also gave him the fish oil (Coatex).

Everything is okay with Indy.

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