A little courtesy, please?

This is a gentle reminder to all applicants:

AnimalCare is coming to 10 years old soon and over the years, there are bound to be policy changes. So, if you wish to apply for our aid, kindly refer to the relevant policy pages (for eg: www.myanimalcare.org/aid/ for our neutering aid) to read the latest policies before you apply.

For those who keep complaining about changes, please be advised that change is inevitable. There are many reasons for change, such as, fund availability, the need to downsize the aid that we can afford to give out and sometimes…not all changes are bad, you know. Reintroducing our vaccination aid, for example, surely is not a bad change, is it?

Furthermore, one change is coming up soon by the last day of this month and I don’t think any applicant will complain about THIS upcoming change!

So, please…if you would like to continue applying from us, please read the policy page before you do, and if our requirements are not agreeable to you, you are welcome to write in with constructive suggestions which we will consider (but no guarantee that we are able to implement them). Or, if you are truly unhappy, there is no need for the unreasonable verbal or written abuse. Please go elsewhere to apply for other forms of aid.

So, last but definitely not least, we are very grateful to all applicants who abide by our policy requirements, understand that change is inevitable, embrace the changes and thereby make each day of processing applications a happy and fulfilling experience for me.

It is truly a great pleasure to work together with you!  Thank you.



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