Indy on ledge

After returning from the vet’s yesterday, Indy ate quite a lot, all on his own.

But this morning, he decided to do the ledge thing again.

He was sitting on the shelf in the garden when I approached him with his breakfast. That’s when he ran away and jumped onto the ledge….again, exactly like yesterday.

Indy, please come down for breakfast!

Indy: NO!

So I left him alone and fed everyone else.

It took about 40 minutes before he decided to come down, at the “invitation” of the kibble.

The girls wanted a snack.  Indy came down when he heard the sound of kibble.

His kibble is served with water.

After eating, he went back up.

Indy: And I’m not coming down….

But he did…..patience, patience. And I managed to give him his Coatex (fish oil as an anti-inflammatory) and the Tramadol.


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