Zurik and the Blanket Cats (the staring game)

Zurik’s breakfast pattern is such that he will have his raw chicken fillet and kibble (not the world’s best combination, but it’s the best I can do for him since he needs a high protein diet and he loves kibble), then he will have his morning medicines (steroids (now only once a day), Vetri DMG, RetroMAD1, B Complex and fish oil). After that, he will come back for his reward, which is Cindy’s Salmon Recipe kibble.

Zurik likes Cindy’s more than Solid Gold’s Indigo Moon (which has a higher content of protein at 42%). For Zurik, it’s whatever he likes since it is very important that he eats a lot of protein.

So, today, it was the same pattern, but…

…Ginger decided to hound Zurik.

Ginger: Maybe if I stare hard enough, he won’t eat…hahaha.

Now, Zurik doesn’t like someone staring at him while he eats. Who does, right? So I had to lure Ginger away with his own bowl of dim sum.

And while Ginger was eating, Heidi decided to stare him down.

Heidi: Maybe if I stare hard enough, he won’t eat…hahaha.

This is what we humans call “instant karma”.

So, Heidi had her own bowl too.

Tabs: Maybe if I stare hard enough, I’ll get a banana?

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