Zurik’s updates

It’s been 4 days since Zurik’s steroid dosage tapered down to 2.5mg once a day. I must admit that I’m anxious about this. I was told to watch his breathing and I’ve been doing this, but my untrained eye isn’t sure whether there are changes to his breathing pattern. He has always had a bit of laboured breathing since he was diagnosed with FIP, but it had not been “bad” lately, especially since there had been no fluid build-up for the last 19 days as of last Thursday. But now, we have tapered down the steroids so I really hope the fluids will not build up again. The vet said to bring him back in 10 days but I might just bring him back a little earlier, depending on how anxious I get in the next few days…

I really, really hope the fluids won’t build up again.

Meanwhile, Zurik is eating “normally” and by that, I mean as frequently as he wishes. This photo above was taken by Ming-Yi when she visited this afternoon while we were out for taiji.

Zurik asks for food many times a day and of course, he gets whenever he asks. Normally, I will give him some raw chicken fillet for the protein. But it will be followed by his favourite kibble since he loves that.

Heidi bullies Zurik and has a tendency to stare him down for his food. So, the eating sessions must be monitored. Ming-Yi said Heidi did it again today.

Tabs must have hidden in the storeroom and we accidentally closed the door. Ming-Yi found her inside and freed her! The storeroom is Tabs’ safehouse.

A picture of peace.

Zurik weighed 4.6kg on our home scale today, so that’s good. I suppose weight is a good measure too – that protein is not leaking out? I hope so!!

My simple untrained mind reasons thus: If there is any fluid build-up in the lung cavity, it means protein has leaked out. If protein has leaked out, it means his weight will drop. So, since his weight has increased, I HOPE this means there is no protein leakage, which in turn means there is no new fluid build-up in the lungs, and this means, the half dose of steroids is sufficient.

I HOPE I am right.

Yes, I am a nervous wreck.

Tapering down the steroids is a HUGE step for us. But we did it under the vet’s instructions so this gives me confidence.

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