Zurik’s hide-and-seek games

For two days now, Zurik has been playing hide-and-seek games with me.

This morning, for example, I looked all over for him and could not find him until I almost went into panic mode. And finally where was he?

He was just sitting quietly on top of this box.

I looked everywhere but did not think of looking here! And while I was calling for him all over the house like a mad woman, he just sat there, quietly, watching me.

I guess that’s his game?

Then, this evening, I REALLY went into panic mode. I could not find Zurik anywhere at all. He certainly wasn’t on top of the box. I looked all over, in the garden and I thought he had somehow escaped.

I think Ginger, Heidi and Tabs knew I had got into panic mode. All three came out to help me look too, but we could not find Zurik anywhere!

Finally, I found him deep inside the storeroom, on top of a big long box. This time, he didn’t want to come out and he hissed when I tried to carry him out. But it was time for the medicine, so I had to crawl into the space, perch on other boxes just to feed him his RetroMAD1 with AD.

He did not want to budge from the long box, but he took his medicine and ate the AD.

And Tabs went into the storeroom to keep Zurik company. Aww….

Finally, I asked my husband to forcibly take him out.

I told Zurik that if he wants a long box, he could sit on this long box in the living room, not in the storeroom.

So, looks like he will be sleeping there tonight.

Goodnight, Zurik!

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