As we step into our eleventh year, we have good news!

As we step into our eleventh year, we have good news for all CNRM applicants!!

Since the end of last year, we “graduated” many serial claimants and informed the TNR-ers that we are no longer able to help them sustain their big scale and long-term (never ending) work of just neutering and releasing without the continued management and looking after of the animals for life. As a result of this graduation, we now have some extra funds saved from the last few months.

As always, these funds will now be channeled back to all of you and your animals!!

The CNRM-ers are the ones who are eligible for our aid because they share our pro-life values and make the effort to continue CARING for the animals after they are neutered….for life. This is inline with our vision of creating a caring community for the animals.

CNRM is also more sustainable because the caregiver will only be looking after a small colony (but for life). Our aim is to nurture more CNRM-ers because it really does take more people to sustain this model. Very often we hear of one-person rescuers who do too much and end up burning out due to financial problems, physical lethargy and psychological fatigue simply because they are doing too much alone. They also cannot seem to be able to keep track of all the animals anymore when we ask for updates. Indeed, how can they, when they are doing so many?

“Small is beautiful.” Please keep it small and manageable. Caring for animals should be a joyful experience. And a joyful experience only comes when one is able to manage what one is doing and be in control of it.

So, here’s the good news for our CNRM applicants!!

We are upping our aid by RM20 for cats and dogs!

Please note again, that we are only helping CNRM-ers. This would be the caregivers who continue caring for the animals for life and are able to provide updates of their animals within the given deadline.

We also understand that the economy hasn’t been too good and the cost of living is high. Prices of goods and services have risen. More so, caregivers should be realistic and do only within their means. And, this increase in our aid is our little contribution to help all of you tide over these difficult times so that your animals can continue to be cared for by you!

The new rates will be effective from 1st June 2019.

It was on 1st Jan 2017 that our neutering aid rates were lowered from RM100 to RM60 for cats, and RM150 to RM100 for dogs.  Times were really bad then and funds were scarce.  We had to practise an austerity drive to keep ourselves afloat for the last 2.5 years. So far, this year has been better.

We thank all donors and supporters once again, for making it possible for us to continue helping the animals and their caregivers!!

Onwards to our eleventh year!!

Keep it small and beautiful!


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