We are TEN years old today!!!

TEN years and counting…..!!

The day it started….31st May 2009.

I held a cardboard box and told friends at the temple that we wanted to help in the neutering of street animals. I quietly hoped we could do 10 animals per year, but we ended up doing 660 animals in our first year! It’s all thanks to the generosity, support and trust of friends.

We worked hard to raise funds and participated in as many events as we could. My gratitude goes to all our early-day volunteers. Thank you so much for helping and for believing in our cause! And thank you, everyone, who bought our tshirts – our first and the only merchandise in those early years.

We dabbled in rescue work too, and soon realised that without a shelter, this was an impossible task. So we decided to only focus on providing aid for neutering, medical treatment and food.

I did my personal rescue work.

Rescue, rehome or adopt. When you cannot rehome, you have to adopt. This is why we have to keep it small…to avoid burn-out.

Educating, especially the youths. They are the hope of our future and the animals’ future. We need a compassionate and caring new generation to take over from us.

And fundraising continues to this day!

In recent months, our Double Charity Donation has been well-received and it’s a great thing because donors get to donate petfood to shelters and community animals AND the proceeds come to our Neutering and Vaccination fund – truly a double bonus!! It’s also a personal happiness for me that we are again able to provide gifts of quality food to shelter and community animals. Animals do not need a lot, but they do need food, and quality food is indeed a bonus. I’ve always wanted to be able to provide food but couldn’t find a way to do it objectively until the idea of the Double Charity Donation suddenly dawned on me! It’s been a wonderful personal achievement for me that we can provide quality petfood to shelter and community animals now. More than ever, rescued animals deserve a good and nutritious treat!  The petfood that we provide through our Double Charity Donation is not cheap or near-expiry food.  On the contrary, it’s super premium food. For this, we have to thank our corporate partner, Avant Pet Sdn Bhd and Ecopet Sdn Bhd for being the main supplier of quality petfood as well as for providing free delivery for us.

Like most organisations, we were hit hard during the recession too; we had to close our medical and food fund and only maintained the neutering fund, on a shoestring! But thanks to your continued and unwavering support, we managed to tide over those difficult periods and we are still alive and kicking as we celebrate our tenth year today!! Not only that, but we have relaunched our vaccination fund as well as petfood aid too.

As hard hit as we were, we never stopped providing for neutering because that is the key and most important aid for street animals. This will definitely go on, despite all the heartache of having to deal with the occasional nasty and unreasonable applicant!

Policies and the amount of aid will continue to be adjusted since we are totally dependent on donations and the kind support from our dear friends. Change is inevitable, but not necessarily bad. And today, there is a (good) policy change – wait for the next post!

To all our volunteers, you have made this possible.  I cannot even begin to thank you for your kind willingness to sacrifice a weekend and to stand with me for long hours, sometimes in the hot sun to help me out during the days when we did events.

My utmost gratitude to all dear friends who provided a listening ear whenever I needed one, which was often enough. Also, to all friends who stepped in to offer help with IT expertise, management ideas and concepts, and especially those who continue to voluntarily help me now. AnimalCare has grown and I do need the help, especially with ideas on how to manage our funds, vet the applicants and improve on our policies.

To all dear friends who were there for me, through thick and thin – numerous times, I was in bad mental or physical health and AnimalCare was about to be closed down because I thought I could no longer manage it, you were there to lend a helping hand and kind ear. Thank you for being there.

To all donors and supporters, thank you for your continued trust in me and your generosity without which there would be no AnimalCare today.  You have my utmost assurance that your kind donations, given in trust to us, will be put to the best possible use and will be given out only to deserving humans who help and care for street animals. We will remain, as we always have, totally accountable to all donations received.

To all the polite, courteous, honest and responsible applicants – thank you so much for your great efforts in continuing to look after all your rescued animals for life! We will do our best to continue supporting your noble efforts. Our wish is to nurture more CNRM-ers and build a larger community of kind and responsible caregivers of street animals.

To everyone who have journeyed with us, through these ten years, I bow my head and thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.

We are here to stay!!! 

5 comments to We are TEN years old today!!!

  • Jennifer Chai

    Arlo Sis. KahYein,

    HAPPY 10TH BIRTHDAY to ANIMALCARE! May ANIMALCARE continues to stay strong for the animals in need.

    My utmost gratitude to you for starting ANIMALCARE and keeping it going all these years (even when you are facing health issue and had to deal with occasional nasty and unreasonable applicants!).

    Thank you very much for your great work and efforts!

    With deepest gratitude,

    • chankahyein

      Dear Jennifer, Thank you very much for your kind words and your great support through the years!!!

  • Yen Ling

    Happy 10th!! I remember all the T-shirts and am still wearing them 🙂 Hats off to the awesome work and effort!

  • Norely Abd Rahman