A Journey of a Thousand Steps

I’ll take a break from the usual and talk about another part of my life.

I grew up with the self-fulfilling prophecy that I am totally hopeless in sports.  I am uncoordinated, directionally dyslexic and have various health issues which compound my utter hopelessness in sports.  In school, I would run AWAY from the ball because I was so sure I would never be able to catch it and it would only bonk me on the head. In badminton, I would miss the shuttlecock more than hit it. Until today, I still remember how I had to play a doubles badminton game in primary school and my partner kept muttering to herself, “Why am I the only one who has to get the shuttlecock??”

Absolutely hopeless. Confirmed. Beyond redemption.

It took me 54 years before I discovered taiji. That was two years ago.

Now, my journey of a thousand steps has finally begun: http://davidbao.com/2019/05/08/journey-of-thousand-steps/

A Journey of a Thousand Steps

From someone who thought she would never be able do any sport in her entire life, I have found something that I can do after all.

It is perhaps the same in other aspects of life too. For example, it took me 43 years before I rescued and hand-raised 3 little newborn kittens (Cow, Bunny and Pole) before which I had never even touched a cat before.  It was something which I’d never dreamed I would ever do, but I did. And that experience led to AnimalCare.

Sometimes, we will never know where life takes us. It is all about responding when opportunity knocks and giving ourselves a chance in life to try something good.

Try it, and find your journey of a thousand steps!

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