Zurik’s 8 breaths per 15 seconds

There are a few “vital signs” that I should monitor for Zurik. Besides his appetite and weight, I must also monitor his breathing pattern as this would be an rough indicator of accumulation of fluids in the lung cavity, if any.

Previously, Zurik’s number of breaths in 15 seconds was 15 or even 16.

But today, it’s just EIGHT!

Yes, eight breaths per 15 seconds!!

The number of breaths is not to be confused with the heartbeat, of course. The heartbeat is a totally different thing (healthy cats have a heartbeat of 140-220 ppm per minute).

Zurik is on 2.5mg steroids (half dose) per day. We are maintaining this. As for the RetroMAD1, I have been advised to increase it according to his weight. So, Zurik is on 0.9ml three times a day now.

The Biovalence team (the makers of RetroMAD1) is also interested in documenting Zurik’s case so they are in contact with me for Zurik’s details.

The breaths are to be counted only when Zurik is asleep.

Zurik is eating well, as usual. I ensure he eats some raw meat every day, as often as he likes.

On the other hand, Cleo’s breathing is faster than Zurik’s.  Maybe it’s because as queen, she has the whole world’s weight on her shoulders!

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