Zurik comes out, on his own terms

So, Zurik remained snug in his hiding place. I decided not to disturb him…yet.

Until he came out from the hiding place and onto the long box on his own.

Once in this position, I know I can reach him to give him his afternoon dose of RetroMAD1. I have done this before though it’s a little risky as I have to crawl in and sit on the shelf to get into a position so that I can syringe in the RetroMAD1 along with force-feeding the AD.

I did that and normally, after taking his meds, he wants a reward of a snack, so I waited and finally, he came out of the storeroom on his own and went to the kitchen and await his reward.

Some raw meat and kibble.

The storeroom door is now closed!

2 comments to Zurik comes out, on his own terms

  • Shannon Hieb

    Hello, I just received my shipment of RetroMAD1 for my 11.8 pound cat that has FeLV. May I ask how much you are dosing Zurik and how often. Is it 0.5ml three times a day for a month?

    • chankahyein

      Dear Shannon, The dosage depends on the weight of the cat. I have copied your email to the Biovalence team for their professional advice. Please check your email. Hope your cat gets better soon.